WECX Branding Digital
Commutation Consultant &
Creative Company in TOKYO

WECX Branding
Digital Commutation
Consultant &
Creative Company

Owl Plus Partners is a branding
and creative company that
provides ideas that make people's
living more comfortable using the
Well-being x CX marketing
method and supports brands that
are resonated with and loved
around the world leveraging the
Japanese spirit and Western
sensibility method.

※WECX(Well-being × Customer Experience)


Our vision is to contribute to the growth of companies and the creation of a prosperous future society for consumers through the DX method (Business Transformation) of the Japanese spirit and Western sensibility.


Our mission is to provide solutions that strengthen the bond between companies and consumers by creating a resonant Brand using the latest technology and ideas through DX (WECX branding) methods that enhance the value of companies and products.

  • Growing positivity

    1. ・ Have ambition
    2. ・ Really want to grow
    3. ・ Want to change the way they do things
    4. ・ Willing to invest in change
    5. ・ Have clear idea for who to take
      the company forward
  • Proposing solutions for growth

    1. ・ Commutation Consultant
    2. ・ WECX Branding
    3. ・ Data, WECX, Tec, AI,(Partner)
    4. ・ Corporate and regional revitalization
    5. ・ B2B support
    6. ・ Start-up / Venture support
  • Dispelling negativity

    1. ・ Japanese culture / Japanese insight
    2. ・ Corporate culture / Corporate culture
      and organization
    3. ・ Lack of clarity of purpose and goal
    4. ・ Strong dependence on other companies
    5. ・ Management team without CMO / CXO
    6. ・ No enthusiasm for employee training
  • Creation of story-telling creative ideas




Marketing Consultant

To create a Brand with a strong idea, designing the purpose and goal correctly, and to lead and provide solutions for optimal DX.

Business growth is only possible if the top priority is to implement a branding that is loved and shared. Our aim is to create DX with creative ideas (well-being and SDG's) with a story to be loved into the future by creating empathy and liking for the brand by implementing the right branding.

  • ・ WECX Branding
  • ・ Internal Branding
  • ・ Incubation / Start-up
  • ・ EX(Employee experience)
  • ・ e-Commerce support
  • ・ Advisor
  • ・ Local revitalization /
    Corporate revitalization



Marketing Support

To create people-centered brands and people bonds.

Lifestyles have changed dramatically, including remotely, and social networking has brought us closer to the world. Furthermore, in this environment of With Covid, it is necessary to take care of the mind in today's information-overloaded modern life, and traditional communication methods are no longer worth the investment. To increase brand strength, it is essential for growth to convey a sense of purpose and satisfaction in life that is appropriate for the current era, not only for employees but also for consumers. Our DX develops people-centered change ideas centered on wellbeing and SDG's to make people happier.

  • ・ Digital Creative
  • ・ Global Support
    (Support for Japanese companies entering the global market /
    Support for Global companies entering the Japanese market)



Digital Marketing

To visualize problems and build ideas in WECX by using the latest technology.

Most importantly, visualize the problems of your company through DX especially advanced digital tools (especially AI Deep Learning) and create and implement ideas with WECX.

  • ・ Digital Transformation
  • ・ Data Analytics
  • ・ e-Commerce
  • ・ Technology
  • ・ AI Deep Learning
  • ・ Media


It is to provide solutions that strengthen the bond between
companies and consumers by creating a resonant Brand
using the latest technology and ideas in the DX (WECX
branding) method to enhance company and product value.



Company Name
Owl Plus Partners Inc.
Hironobu Kitajima
Share Capital
8 million
Kyobashi Edogrand 26F, 2-2-1 Kyobashi, Chuoku, Tokyo
January, 2022
Business Areas

Commutation Marketing Consultant

  • ・WECX Branding
  • ・Incubation / Start-up
  • ・e-Commerce Support
  • ・Rural Revitalization / Corporate Revitalization
  • ・Internal Branding
  • ・EX(Employee experience)
  • ・Advisory

Commutation Marketing Support (Agency work)

  • ・Digital Creative
  • ・Global Support
  • ・Global Market Entry Support for Japanese Companies
  • ・Japan market support for global companies

+ Expert Partner

  • ・Digital Marketing / Digital Transformation
    e-Commerce / AI Deep Learning
    Data Analytics / Technology / Media
JV Partner
Barnum Inc.
COO and Executive Director
Main Client
Hakuhodo Inc., TOPPAN Inc., VENEX Co., Ltd.,
Kiddyland Co., Ltd., Tribune inc., NATSU FUN-KEY HEARTS,
and others.
Main Bank
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation GINZA Office


From Japan to the World, From the World to Japan
Creativity through story-telling ideas

Owl Plus Partners Inc's vision is to create a world where people and digital society coexist in harmony, where it is easy to live while evolving a new affluent society and lifestyle together. We are committed to solving business problems by strengthening the bonds between companies and consumers, by adding technology and ideas to branding that are suited to the times. Our mission is to contribute to the society of the future by creating brands that are loved and empathized with around the world using the Japanese spirit and Western genius approach.

Owl Plus Partners' strength lies in its ability to provide wisdom and idea development consultancy to brands and companies with ambition and passion, in order to increase the value of their existing assets. The symbol 'Owl' is a symbol of wisdom in the West, and we aim to help companies grow and deliver brands for the future that live up to this symbol.

■CEO&World Stimulator / Hironobu Kitajima

Nov 2009 Joined the former JWT From
Japanese major advertising agency
July 2012  Promoted to sales director
Mar 2013  Promoted to MD
Mar 2019  Appointed CEO of WTT

Well-versed in the business model of the Japanese market and advanced marketing worldwide. Aiming for a Japanese spirit and Western learning, he has experienced the growth of Global companies and the successful global expansion of Japanese companies. Long-term company representative in a foreign company with extensive experience in communicating with networks.


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Owl Plus Partners Inc.
Hironobu Kitajima

Certified: July 14, 2022

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Owl Plus Partners Inc.
Hironobu Kitajima