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If digital transformation is the transformation of a business to increase value through the use of digital technology, that business will inevitably become a customer-centric business model (D2C). Digital transformation can be understood as the reconfiguration of businesses that have been operating before the world went digital to utilize digital technology and become more customer-centric in order to compete with digital native companies.

And as transformation has made businesses more customer-centric, marketing’s role has changed to understand and respond appropriately to customers, requiring it to be involved in a much wider range of areas.

The reason is that advances in digital technology have dramatically improved the connectivity between companies and their customers, enabling them to deliver value more finely tuned and directly to different customers and their needs.

Changes brought about by digital transformation

As the digital transformation progresses and business becomes more customer-centric and direct, utilizing data and technology, the focus of marketing is on the management of the customer experience at the point of contact with the customer.
WECX Branding is a strategy and transformation that redefines our value to our clients. We contribute to our clients’ growth through the development and realization of creative customer experiences with the brand at their core.
To achieve this, three functions must work together to create customer experiences: business (strategy), technology & data & commerce, and design (creative).

Corporate transformation and business growth (creating strong bonds between Brand and customers) Wol DX model




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As a company providing communication services across every discipline, our mission is to serve as a bridge between our clients and consumers. With the rapid growth of information technology in recent years, we consider the protection of personal information to be a top priority in our business. All of our employees are fully aware of this fact and observe the following policy set forth by the company:

1. All personal information will be obtained, handled, and supplied to third parties through appropriate means and will not be used for purposes other than that within the scope of our business. We will also put in place measures to ensure the above.

1.1. Personal Information Entrusted by Our Client
All confidential and/or personal information will be handled according to rules regarding confidentiality and handling of personal information agreed upon with the client.
1.2. Personal Information Entrusted to Third Parties
All confidential and/or personal information will be handled according to a contract or memorandum regarding confidentiality and handling of personal information that is drawn up in advance.
1.3. Personal Information Directly Obtained by Our Company
All information will be obtained, handled, and supplied to third parties with prior agreement by the owner of the information as to the purpose for which the information will be used.

2. All reasonable technological and organizational measures will be taken to ensure the protection of personal information against leakage, loss, or damage. If the appropriate management of information is compromised in any way, required corrective or preventive measures will be taken with all due speed.

3. All laws, state-mandated guidelines, and regulations regarding the handling of personal information will be adhered to.

4. All employees, including board members, will be routinely educated on our personal information protection policy and management system to ensure their full understanding and proper application. Furthermore, regular efforts will be made to review and improve the management system.

5. Complaints and concerns regarding the handling of personal information will be attended to with sincerity and due attention.

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