Tohoku University Co-creation Initiative

Our CEO Chief Kitajima was invited to the announcement event  of the Tohoku University Co-creation Initiative (referred to as THCI hereafter) on August 8th.

THCI is the first company in Japan jointly funded by Tohoku University, a national university, and Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings, a financial institution. Under the slogan of “Be a forest-connecting the university to the ocean” THCI will serve as a nexus for co-creation of business development, talent cultivation, science utilization, and investment between academia, industry, finance, and government.
In Japan, there are many global business models that have been successful in the venture business field with many universities, companies, and investors involved.
However, the service provided by THCI are a pioneering endeavor in Japan, and as the name suggests, it is a unique Japanese business model where national universities (researchers) and financial institutions take the lead, enabling business and individuals to achieve sustainable growth in the digital society.
This model harnesses the strengths of each entity to provide numerous services tailored to resolving challenges faced by Japanese companies.
The launch of this endeavor raises great expectations, as it will lead to the development of new business models originating from Japan and aimed at the global market.
It’s a chance to showcase Japan’s capabilities to the world, and I hold high hopes for its success.

To all the people associated with Tohoku University Co-Creation Initiative, please challenge the world as a representative of Japan.
Thank you very much for inviting us to this wonderful inaugural presentation.



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